Madame Frigo’s services are made possible through close collaboration with many individuals in the different communities, the generous support from the Engagement Migros Development Fund as well as many other organisations and businesses. Only the close collaboration and continuous support from our partners enables us to stop edible food from being wasted day after day. Do you want to become a partner with your company? Then get in touch with us via our contact form!

Initiating partners

For the national expansion of the network of public refrigerators and the implementation of various awareness campaigns on the topic of food waste in private households, we can count on a long-term cooperation with the Migros-Pionierfonds.

Official Partner

For the central device, the Frigo, of our project, we found Electrolux as a product partner. Electrolux’s Better Living Program aims to enable better and more sustainable living around the world.

Foundations and public institutions

Madame Frigo can count on the support of various actors from the world of foundations and the public sector in its daily work.


Madame Frigo also receives support in the fight against food waste from location, food and transport partners.

Food Waste Network

The fight against food waste is not an individual struggle. When many like-minded groups and initiatives join forces, great things can be achieved.