Madame Frigo’s services are made possible through close collaboration with many individuals in the different communities, the generous support from the Engagement Migros Development Fund as well as many other organisations and businesses. Only the close collaboration and continuous support from our partners enables us to stop edible food from being wasted day after day.

Refrigerator managers

We from Madame Frigo have witnessed it one too many times that fresh edible food has been kept in the refrigerators for so long that it has just been thrown away. Perhaps you feel the same? You can help the team of Madame Frigo to spread the word across Switzerland that Madame Frigo has commited itself to the war against food waste. Do you feel like helping? Can you install and manage a public refrigerator on your premises or in your neighborhood or do you someone who could? Please contact us by using this form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Initiating partners

As mentioned our efforts are made possible to a long-term partnership with Migros Pioneer Fund that supports us in our efforts to establish a nationwide network of public refrigarators, launch campaigns and raise awareness about the food waste situation in private households across Switzerland.

Our initiating partner

Product Partner

We have found a product partner to provide us with meaningful devices for our project. Electrolux recently created the Better Living Program as part of  its 100th birthday celebration. The aim of the program is to enable a better and more sustainable life throughout the world. We are very pleased that Electrolux has decided to join Madame Frigo as a product partner in the fight against food waste.

Our product partner

Local partners

Running a public refrigerator is easy. All that is needed is a refrigerator, electricity and a suitable location.  Local partners will help you with the installation and the operation of the public refrigerators on your premises. If your restaurant, garden or business happen to be near a suitable location, then contact us for a non-binding meeting at .

Food partners

Private homes account for 45% of food waste in Switzerland, but there is also potential for cutting food waste in the retail sector. Many shops and organisations have already set themselves this goal, and now donate food to Madame Frigo free of charge on a regular basis. Will you carry on throwing food away, or share food you don’t need? Please contact if we caught your interest.

Our food partners

Transport partners

Madame Frigo is continually developing its concept to ensure that even more food is rescued in the future. There are various means in which food can find the best path into our refrigerators. Bicycle courier services such as Carvelo2go makes this transfer even simpler.

Our transport partners

Communication Partners

The fight against food waste is not an individual struggle. When many like-minded groups and initiatives join forces, great things can be achieved. Under #movethedate a movement has formed from many like and similar-minded people, who want to achieve a sustainable effect together. And in the initiative “SAVE FOOD, FIGHT WASTE”, efforts have come together so that as many people in Switzerland as possible are made aware of the topic of food waste.

Our Communication Partners