Madame Frigo's idea

You’re probably familiar with the situation: your fridge is well stocked – then you spontaneously eat at a friend’s house, order a pizza or are about to go on holiday. The food in your fridge piles up, wanders to the back and finally lands in the bin. That’s a shame: someone certainly could have made good use of your groceries. This is exactly where Madame Frigo’s public fridges come in!

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How it works

The fridges are open to everyone interested as exchange platforms. You can bring your leftover, still edible food to a Frigo and take home products that you can use. That way, you are helping to sustainably reduce food waste in Switzerland.

The following rules should be complied with when using the public fridges:


The fridges are located in publicly accessible places and are open to everyone for the ex-change of food.


The following foods are permitted in the fridges: Fruit and vegetables, bread. Sealed products that may have passed their best-before dates but not their use-by dates are also accepted. Meat or fish, alcohol and pre-opened or al-ready prepared (e.g. cooked) products are not permitted.


A team of volunteers from the neighbour-hood looks after the Frigo. They take care of the fridge's hygiene and regularly check its contents. Every user is asked to leave the Frigo clean.


Use of the fridge is at your own risk. The persons operating the fridges accept no liability. The same applies to the Madame Frigo association.

Join us!

Have we sparked your interest? You can find your nearest public fridge here.

It doesn’t take much to set up a new location: a suitable place for the fridge and a team of volunteers. You would you like to initiate a Frigo in your community? We will happily send you additional information. Or you would like to join a group of volunteers at an existing location? Get in touch via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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