Together against
food waste

Did you know that private households are the biggest sources of food waste in Switzerland? You know how it is: your fridge is well stocked – then you spontaneously go out with friends or order a pizza. The things in your fridge increase, they wander to the back of the shelf, and finally land in the bin. It’s a shame: someone could have probably used what you bought.

Did you

Frigo's idea

Unfortunately, we can afford to throw food away in Switzerland – financially. But not ethically or ecologically. To save as much food as possible from the rubbish, fridges accessible to the public will be set up throughout Switzerland. These will be run by volunteers. Anyone can place edible, free food for others in them and actively contribute to reducing food waste in Switzerland.

Food on
the plate,
space in
the waste.

How it works

The community fridges are open to the public as an exchange platform for everyone curious. You can place edible food which you no longer require in the refrigerator at any time. And, of course, you can also take goods home for your own needs. This way you support the permanent reduction of food waste in Switzerland.


The fridges are accessible to everyone around the clock. There are no restrictions such as passwords or padlocks.


Fruit and vegetables can be put loosely in the shelves. However, bread and sealed products have to put in a separate box. Products which are past their sell-by date (“Best before”), but not their expiry date (“Use before”), are likewise welcome.


Local fridge patrons keep the fridges clean. Regular hygiene controls ensure that there’s no spoiled food.


Use of the fridge is at your own risk. Neither the persons operating the refrigerator nor the Madame Frigo Association hold any liability.

Spilled food
was yesterday

Are you up
for the challenge?

Madame Frigo no longer wants to see good food going to waste. Help us conquer Switzerland and fight food waste. Do you want to set up and look after a public fridge on your property or in your area? Contact us using this form. We look forward to hearing from you!