Together against
food waste

Did you know that private households are among the biggest contributors of food waste in Switzerland?

With more than 130 public refrigerators, Madame Frigo offers the Swiss public a practical and simple way to reduce their own food waste. At the same time, the fridges promote social involvement and are the result of the initiative of interested people. To counteract the problem of food waste in the long term, Madame Frigo also carries out various awareness-raising measures.

Food on
the plate,
space in
the waste.

Fridges against Food Waste

Thanks to the help of over 450 volunteers, our fridges save more than 175 tonnes of food from premature disposal every year. The concept is simple: bring what you no longer need and get what you just missed at home.

Find out more about food waste and what rules you should follow when sharing food below.

Food Waste

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How it works

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Are you in?

Madame Frigo does no longer want to watch how edible food goes to waste and pollutes the environment. Do you feel the same way? Help Madame Frigo in conquering Switzerland and support our efforts to tackle food waste. If you would like to open a location or join an existing team, simply get in touch with us via the contact form. You can find the nearest public fridge here.